Our Story

24hourtek is an IT support company established in San Francisco in 2003. David, the company founder, has been providing IT services and support for over 15 years. He found that the more he helped businesses with their computers and networks, the more word got around, and the more he had to grow the business to keep up with the work. By 2005, David assembled a core team working together to support companies all around the bay area. In 2008, 24hourtek pivoted from hourly only support to a flat fee support model. We saw the need to better align our interests with those of our customers. It was our job to keep things running smoothly, but companies would regularly wait until things break to call us. This leads to unnecessary emergencies, excess downtime, and endless stress. The flat fee support model is a win for customers and a win for 24hourtek. Companies that need regular IT support and a predictable budget now pair perfectly with 24hourtek. 24hourtek is proactive with maintenance and monitoring and has a team of techs that will handle almost any request…everything you would get in a full time IT guy and more. We plan to continue to grow our talented team and we will of course be there, 24x7, for our customers.


Our team has experience in Mac, PC and Linux. We work with just about every technology a small company would encounter, everything from wireless networking to management of cloud services. We emphasize the importance of balancing work, life, and play. 24hourtek is committed to building a team of people that are amazing to work with, attentive to detail, and experts in fixing computers.


Our mission is to be the best-in-class IT company that you can always rely on. We make it our business to be as responsive as possible, regardless of the issue. We care about more than just fixing things, we want to keep them from breaking in the first place. We believe our customers, no matter how big or small they are, should get amazing service. We bring solutions to the table that can help companies grow and we look to leverage technology in every way possible.


As an IT company, we strive to perfect the use of technology to improve our customer experience. We leverage fast, scalable and dynamic platforms for our growing customers. We are committed to working with technology that is simple, reliable, and backed by stable companies. Since the pace of technology is lightning fast these days, 24hourtek makes it our job to be well informed of the latest trends and best practices in our industry.